Making the Greater Shift!


It’s my prayer, that I am, and I continue to become, the helpmate God has preordained for me to be. That I do, support and assist, in my God given role, constantly.

It’s my prayer, that when my husband thinks, or even looks upon me, that he is grateful unto the Lord for me.

Yes, that in his heart of hearts, in the inward hidden parts of his being, that unto him I am thought to be not a curse, not a hindrance, but instead a blessing! A vital necessity to his life and destiny.

It’s my prayer, that I die enough to myself and my own selfish desires, that I don’t jeopardize seeing the fulfillment of God’s plan manifested, in both he and I, as the one complete man, God has called us together to be.

My prayer is that there will be a hallelujah, a thank you Jesus, in his mouth, as a result to me being in his life. Opposed to an “Oh Lord, Jesus this woman, is getting on my last nerve, please remove her.”

My prayer is that I learn to serve my husband, as if I were serving Christ Himself. Let me selah, on that one for a minute…

Yes, that I would honor Him, as the king he is.

I pray I would extravagantly love on him, that ultimately he would know that the Lord God Almighty is alive, real, and living. By just how God, operates in and through me, on His behalf.

I pray, I can perceive his needs, before it’s even asked or needed. I pray, I can continue to wow him, with the unexpected surprises to keep him always on his toes looking for more…

I pray, I am able to create a sanctuary in my home that I can continue to hear him say, “Boy, am I so glad to be home.”

I pray, when I am looked upon by him, I am a continual joy, something to be enjoyed. Instead of, “Oh Lord, why Me?”

Now though, yes, this may sound like a whole, heck of a lot, still, I know, it’s not unrealistic, because nothing is impossible with God, if I have faith the size of a mustarded seed. Thus, my prayer is signed, sealed, and delivered.

In essence, what you hear, is a woman of God, crying out for more, refusing to accept my current state, refusing to be stagnant and complacent. Amen.

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The Truth about Marriage

What I have come to discover as an absolute truth about marriage is that, marriage is all about serving. Yes, being a servant and living out a heart position of intentionally aiming to serve our spouses on a continual basis. Especially, when we are trying to have a marriage God’s way opposed to the worlds way. But yet, what I have also come to know as an absolute truth is that, serving is God’s business. Meaning, serving is something that can only come from God and His overwhelming overflow of love, and our yielding to Him to give it. And since serving can only be produced from God in its authentic form, truth is, if we are not going to the Father on a consistent basis to be loved on by Him that we may in return give it in its purest way then guess what, we’ll be giving only a form of love. And that form of love of course, is merely temporal and it constantly looks for a return in everything… In fact, loving out of a form opposed to the authentic ness of God’s love will only eventually cause us to become exhausted, hurt, disappointed, ineffective etc.  All because of again, trying to give and do in our own strength opposed to giving and doing out of the overflow we have received from the Father.

Therefore, just as I am praying for you, I am also praying for myself, that we will begin to see our need in a greater way of loving out of the overflow of that which is produced from our Heavenly Father instead of that in which we are just scraping up to give.  It is also my prayer we will give everything and do all God would have for us to do with our spouses.

May God continue to bless, strengthen and encourage you while you are on your faith journey.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I pray it was an in due word.  If interested, in continuing to receive more of life spoken words as it pertains to marriage I invite you to do sign up to receive these posts. Also, if you feel this post can be a blessing to another brother or sister then please do pass it on.

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Our Spouses Heart

I wonder if in our spouses heart do they really and truly thank God for us being in their lives or do they do quite the opposite? Yes, are we a blessing to our spouses or a curse? Are we really the suitable mate or are we a burden?  These are just some questions I have pondered in my heart as a way to do my own marriage checkup. Because I understand how one can say all day long one thing but in their heart it be something totally different and so, because of that I just desire that truly not only when it’s all said and done as it pertains to my marriage while I am here on this earth but right here in my now it’s my prayer that my spouse  truly does bless God for me just as I too pray this is the same response as your spouse.  And if, we have any doubt I also pray we will seek God to see what practical things we can do different in order to bring about that change for the better. 

If our goal with our spouses are truly to build up and not tear down what practical things can we incorporate in order to do just that? 

For me, one thing I can do is to pray more often and pray more specific for my spouse what about you?

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This is a place to be encouraged in your marriage. Being that we live during a time that promotes divorce heavily we have made the committment to avail ourselves to lift the unity of marriage. On this blog you will get many practical nuggets that you can apply in either making or continuing to make your union  in Christ strong.  Though we can not speak as though we have arrived we can speak and share the testimony of the Lord as we too submit to the Lords leadership on this journey. Therefore, we invite you to take this journey with us as we press closer to the Heart of the Father as it pertains to marriage.

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