Our Spouses Heart

I wonder if in our spouses heart do they really and truly thank God for us being in their lives or do they do quite the opposite? Yes, are we a blessing to our spouses or a curse? Are we really the suitable mate or are we a burden?  These are just some questions I have pondered in my heart as a way to do my own marriage checkup. Because I understand how one can say all day long one thing but in their heart it be something totally different and so, because of that I just desire that truly not only when it’s all said and done as it pertains to my marriage while I am here on this earth but right here in my now it’s my prayer that my spouse  truly does bless God for me just as I too pray this is the same response as your spouse.  And if, we have any doubt I also pray we will seek God to see what practical things we can do different in order to bring about that change for the better. 

If our goal with our spouses are truly to build up and not tear down what practical things can we incorporate in order to do just that? 

For me, one thing I can do is to pray more often and pray more specific for my spouse what about you?

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This is a place to be encouraged in your marriage. Being that we live during a time that promotes divorce heavily we have made the committment to avail ourselves to lift the unity of marriage. On this blog you will get many practical nuggets that you can apply in either making or continuing to make your union  in Christ strong.  Though we can not speak as though we have arrived we can speak and share the testimony of the Lord as we too submit to the Lords leadership on this journey. Therefore, we invite you to take this journey with us as we press closer to the Heart of the Father as it pertains to marriage.

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