In living in a world that is ALL just about us and what WE want, know due to this, we MUST constantly bring ourselves before the Almighty, that in doing so, we’d continue to receive our minds being ye renewed such that, prayerfully, selfishness does not rule.

Truly, to pray for humility in every area is something that’s a continual critical need especially since the me, my, and I our fleshly nature always seeks to reign.

In fact, in an effort to pursue being selfless I’d like to challenge us all to do a study on the word humility, to be intentional about learning the Father’s heart concerning this and not just relying upon that in which we’ve heard. I will probably share my findings with you in a later post but first want to give you the opportunity to do it yourself.

Taking an introspective look at ourselves often with a heart posture for the Father to show us and what He sees will help to keep us from… and will help us to instead operate from a place of Lord your will vs. my will.

Please do take a moment to pray with me, as I pray for myself:

Father, I ask that you’d forgive me for the times that I have been selfish, stingy, unthoughtful, uncaring, unresponsive, putting my interests above my husband’s. Father I pray that you will help me to continue to humble myself under the mighty hand of You such that all that you’d will for Your son to delight in and to enjoy while he is in the land of the living, that he may receive and too be all You have called him to be in the very freedom of You. For I was created to be a help mate and so, I thank You for showing me what that looks like from Your perspective. Amen.

Written by Sepia Gladden

All Rights Reserved


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