the one let love abound

I love you, I love you, I love you, nowadays it’s so easy to say that we love our spouses, but yet, not show them with our actions.

However, what would the words I love you, really look like if we could not say it verbally with our mouths? Would our spouses REALLY be able to see as a result of our actions, that our actions demonstrate that we love our spouses.

I know personally, this is definitely an area I can improve in and so, one of the things I’ve begun to do, is to literally study my spouse to see, what are the things that my spouse likes and what are the things that my spouse does not like and then, I intentionally set out to please him in these particular ways.

Now make no mistake about it, of course, if I really look at the big picture all together, it would just look totally overwhelming. However, I’ve been ministering to myself lately and saying, no, I may not be able to do everything in the whole entire picture but, I CAN do something. And I have purposed in my heart to focus on that piece while at the same time thanking the Lord that each piece I do WILL contribute to the whole.
So, I’d like to encourage you as well, to begin to study your spouse such that you may minister to them in the way that’s specific to them, because in doing so you WILL be loving them even without your words.
Scribed by Sepia Gladden
All Rights Reserved

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