Making the Greater Shift!


It’s my prayer, that I am, and I continue to become, the helpmate God has preordained for me to be. That I do, support and assist, in my God given role, constantly.

It’s my prayer, that when my husband thinks, or even looks upon me, that he is grateful unto the Lord for me.

Yes, that in his heart of hearts, in the inward hidden parts of his being, that unto him I am thought to be not a curse, not a hindrance, but instead a blessing! A vital necessity to his life and destiny.

It’s my prayer, that I die enough to myself and my own selfish desires, that I don’t jeopardize seeing the fulfillment of God’s plan manifested, in both he and I, as the one complete man, God has called us together to be.

My prayer is that there will be a hallelujah, a thank you Jesus, in his mouth, as a result to me being in his life. Opposed to an “Oh Lord, Jesus this woman, is getting on my last nerve, please remove her.”

My prayer is that I learn to serve my husband, as if I were serving Christ Himself. Let me selah, on that one for a minute…

Yes, that I would honor Him, as the king he is.

I pray I would extravagantly love on him, that ultimately he would know that the Lord God Almighty is alive, real, and living. By just how God, operates in and through me, on His behalf.

I pray, I can perceive his needs, before it’s even asked or needed. I pray, I can continue to wow him, with the unexpected surprises to keep him always on his toes looking for more…

I pray, I am able to create a sanctuary in my home that I can continue to hear him say, “Boy, am I so glad to be home.”

I pray, when I am looked upon by him, I am a continual joy, something to be enjoyed. Instead of, “Oh Lord, why Me?”

Now though, yes, this may sound like a whole, heck of a lot, still, I know, it’s not unrealistic, because nothing is impossible with God, if I have faith the size of a mustarded seed. Thus, my prayer is signed, sealed, and delivered.

In essence, what you hear, is a woman of God, crying out for more, refusing to accept my current state, refusing to be stagnant and complacent. Amen.

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